Got Smileys?

What are Smileycoins you ask? The are a fun coin on a digital blockchain that let's you earn while you learn.

Do you have any Smileycoins yet? Its really easy to get them.

  1. If you're using a phone, install the FREE app Coinomi on your phone. Just by holding them, you are supporting Education in a Suitcase.

  2. Add a coin by click on the + icon and select Smileycoin (Abbr: SMLY)

That was easy...

The purpose of Smileycoins is to incentivize and support education. Smileycoins are the store of value for the educational project Smiley.Academy. The aim of Smiley.Academy is to bring equality to the education system. Smileycoin is the token that the Tutor-Web uses to finance the project.

  1. Learn about how to use Smileycoin and what you can do with it here.

  2. Play a game by placing a bet on the Betzy Double-or-Nothing Contract by sending a small amount of Smileycoins to BEtZyyYqDXqmRJJ45nnL15cuASfiXg9Yik

  3. By sending a small amount to the Betzy address you are "virtually" rolling the dice. If you win the roll you will almost instantly receive double the amount you sent back to your wallet. We assume the odds are close to 50/50.